Hey! I’m Michelle.

I help women who are struggling to feel their best discover what it *actually* means to “manage stress,” and how to take a root cause approach to building lasting resilience.

I’ve been there — struggling to understand a variety of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms without recognizing that they were all my mind-body’s way of telling me what I was not consciously aware of — that I was overly stressed, burnt out, and too depleted to respond effectively.

Since then, I’ve become even more of a wellness nerd and have extensively studied, researched, & written about stress–but more importantly, resilience–from many lenses.

Now, I help you ask the right questions so you can identify how your relationship to stress and current capacity for resilience is impacting your own life.

With resilience training and mind-body tools, you can improve your relationship to stress so that you can go from feeling like you’re merely getting by, to feeling confident and capable of living a vibrant life.

Start here:

What is stress?

Tips on how to manage stress as a woman

Ways to relieve active stress now

The way/what you eat relates to how well you manage stress

How to better sleep for increased resilience to stress

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